GMA has a long history in the funeral profession. David Patterson, CFSP began in 1984 in a commercial embalming establishment and spent most of his 30 plus years working in similar establishments. Patterson spent 7 years working for the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service as the Clinical Embalming Preceptor and the Facilities OSHA Coordinator. GMA offers a full range of domestic mortuary services including embalming, removals, cremation, shipping, documentation, graveside services, flight arrangements, private jet service.
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GMA also offers comprehensive international mortuary services including, but not limited to, embalming, removals, cremation, worldwide shipping, customs clearance, consulate & embassy coordination, translations, flight arrangements, private jet services, pathologist for consultation, private autopsy, hospital autopsy, second autopsy, exhumation autopsy, toxicology and DNA analysis, medical – legal consultation, medical malpractice/ wrongful death, tissue and organ procurement for research, evaluation of nonfatal Injuries, educational programs, biohazard remediation services, crime scene clean up, hoarders clean up, drug and drug houses clean up.

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GMA will arrange for the removal of the deceased from any location in the world, using appropriate funeral cars. Our strategic partners are located throughout the world having passed the TRUSTGMA standards check and all are members of the National Funeral Directors Association or an international funeral association.
Founder David Patterson, CFSP has always believed that embalming is one of the most important aspects of the funeral process. Whether a traditional case, autopsy or bone and tissue donation you can trust GMA’s standards of embalming.

GMA will arrange for the embalming to take place at our local mortuary or one of our strategic partners location worldwide. All of our partners comply with the TRUSTGMA standards and belong to either the national or international funeral associations.

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Funeral Homes
GMA will arrange for the removal of the deceased from any location in the world, using an appropriate funeral car, and provide a complete cremation service for you, our client. We represent you in your name not ours. Our strategic partners are located throughout the world having passed the TRUSTGMA standards and all are members of a national or international funeral association.

Locally, in Texas, GMA has management ownership of its own crematory. We provide cremations with viewing if your client’s family is interested in this service.

GMA requires as a minimum photographic identification of all deceased prior to cremation taking place.

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GMA will arrange for transportation to the site of final disposition and make all local arrangements with the cemetery for your client’s family ceremony at any location. A TRUSTGMA Network provider in a professional vehicle will conduct the graveside service for you.

GMA also offers airway bill preparation for those client families that request a graveside service abroad or in a different part of the world.
Logistics is a large portion of our business. Whether your need be for air or overland, GMA can handle your request.
Our strategic partners use late model professional vehicles. Each of our TRUSTGMA partners carries a minimum of $3,000,000.00 insurance policies. Our foreign operatives are required to carry the same insurance requirements as our domestic partners, and are bonded.

Our Logistics service extends into Mexico as well. GMA routinely provides overland transportation into Mexico, Belize and Guatemala through our network of TRUSTGMA partners. We provide the following services:
  • Door-to-Door Service (Funeral Home or Family Residence)
  • Airport recovery and transportation to the final destination
  • Transportation out of Mexico to the United States
Domestic/International Airlines (AITA Approved)

GMA provides airway bills and complete flight arrangements for domestic shipping on commercial airliners. GMA is a TSA Approved “TRUSTED SHIPPER” on all Domestic and Foreign Airlines. GMA is the only Texas Mortuary that is a Certified Cargo Screening Company handling human remains for the TSA. GMA has strategic partnerships with Continental, US Airways, United Airlines, American Airlines and Delta giving our clients the best shipping prices available. We also have partnerships with other IATA approved airlines. GMA air flights on all commercial flights are booked and monitored through the TRUSTGMA Network.
Private Aircraft

GMA has – through contracts – private aircraft available for non-scheduled flights. These aircrafts include piston, turbo and jets. GMA can maneuver the aircrafts into position anywhere within the borders of the United States as well as Mexico and Canada for flights anywhere in the world. Some of our jets have the capacity to allow for several family members to accompany the deceased on the trip home.
Air Hearse
Air Hearse

GMA has – through contracts – private aircraft available for non-scheduled flights. These aircrafts include piston, turbo and jets. GMA can maneuver the aircrafts into position anywhere within the borders of the United States as well as Mexico and Canada for flights anywhere in the world. Some of our jets have the capacity to allow for several family members to accompany the deceased on the trip home.
Documentation and Translation
At GMA, we understand the frustration and sometimes confusing feeling you have dealing with foreign consulates and their paperwork. GMA offers a ‘Document Only Service’ which includes preparing and filing all necessary paperwork, consulate service including apostilles as required and overnight mailing of all completed documents to the shipper.

Once you have contacted our company for assistance, you will be given a dedicated staff member who will take care of your every need. Our Documentation service includes the following:
  • Advice on local & state documentation needed to present to the consulate
  • Advice on country specific requirements to ship ‘into’ or ‘out of’
  • Translation service for all official documents needed to probate deaths abroad
  • Overnight mailing of all documents to the consulate

We will begin our process wherever your comfort level lies. Whether it be advice, or the entire process of collecting documents, translating and winning the consulate’s approval or just setting the flight for you.
Ships In
GMA specializes in graveside services for military personnel at any national cemetery. GMA handles all gravesides in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston area. We will arrange for a flight, airway bill preparation, provide the appropriate funeral cars, make all arrangements with the cemetery and provide licensed personnel to direct the final service.

Through our TRUSTGMA Network we can provide a graveside service in any part of the United States and provide the flights, local arrangements with the cemetery and licensed personnel to direct the final service.

If the remains are outside the United States we can arrange for the complete shipping from the place of death and provide the professional service arrangements, documentation, translations when necessary, customs clearance, embalming approval, airway bill preparation and monitored flight, recovery of the remains from the airport nearest the interment, transportation to the graveside and the graveside service once the remains has arrived in the US. TRUSTGMA Network consist only of members of the World Organization of Funeral Operatives (FIAT/IFTA)
Domestic & International Shipping
Domestic Shipping
Domestic Shipping
TRUSTGMA Network of partners allows us to provide you, our client, and your family with a one-call total package for a worry-free experience.

We serve the State of Texas, nationally and internationally with the following services:

Shipping from Texas, our home state, is made simple by just one call to GMA. TRUSTGMA Network partners are located in Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Beaumont, Corpus Christie, Dallas, El Paso, Ft. Worth, Galveston, Harlingen, Houston, Lubbock, and San Antonio. GMA will provide professional services, all transportation, TSA Screening, documentation & permits, airway bill preparation, and tendering to an IATA approved airline. If the remains are to be shipped abroad, proper shipping containers and paperwork will be completed as required.

We serve our clients throughout the US with the following services:

TRUSTGMA Network providers are located throughout the United States. When death occurs outside of Texas, a call to GMA will ease the worry about who to trust in areas you may not be familiar with. Allow our TRUSTGMA Network of providers to assist you.

GMA provides all professional services, documentation, all transportation, shipping container, airway bill preparation, tendering the remains to an IATA approved airline, monitored Flights.

All of the TRUSTGMA Network providers are members in good standing with their state associations and members of a national association.
International Shipping
International Shipping
TRUSTGMA Network extends to many countries throughout the world. GMA specializes in the US’s closest neighbors: Mexico, Central, South America and the Caribbean.

Our Latin American Plan includes professional services, shipping casket (meets minimum requirements for all counties), outside shipping container, documentation, translations, all consulate work, translation services, airway bill preparation, tendering to the nearest international airport on an IATA approved airline, and flight monitoring.

For remains outside the United States GMA will provide all necessary documentation, professional services, all transportation, airway bill preparation, customs clearance, or consulate paperwork and tender the remains to an IATA Approved Airline. We have extensive contacts in Mexico, Central/South America and Canada in our TRUSTGMA Network of providers.
All remains shipped into the United States must clear customs inspection prior to release of the remains to the receiving funeral home. Customs clearance from some countries can take as long as an hour, therefore please allow extra time in your planning for this consideration.

GMA, on behalf of our clients, will provide custom clearance for any international airport in the United States. The service includes travel to the airport, securing documents from the airlines, transferring the documents to customs to match the airway bill, pre-paying customs charges, receiving the remains and transportation of the remains to its final destination after all surcharges, and documents have been cleared.

GMA meets or exceeds all requirements set forth by state, federal or international law and requires all of its TRUSTGMA Network participants to comply. Our international documentation and translation services for all countries meet or exceed the country requirements. All shipping products used by GMA or a member of the TRUSTGMA Network exceed the expectations of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Recommended products by GMA have been approved by one or more country and authority within the United States.
GMA motto since our founding has been to “Serve with Care, Compassion, and Integrity.” Our firm not only upholds this as its motto but applies it with every client we serve.

Our TRUSTGMA Network of partners is committed to having the best in customer service, and the total care of our clients and the families they serve, until complete closure is achieved.
Education and Consulting
Education and Consulting
The TRUSTGMA Network of Strategic Partners is proud to introduce Ken Whittaker and Associates, provider of continuing education and consulting for the funeral professional. Ken Whittaker and Associates is owned and operated by Ken Whittaker Retired Dean of Students with Dallas Institute of Funeral Service for over 30 years, and with Pierce Chemicals.

Ken Whittaker and Associates has been developed for the purpose of creating a vital source of information and services for the funeral industry in many ways. With the need existing for a viable source of information for consulting purposes, this is also seen as an important service made available to the profession. Also, numerous hours of programming and 24 x 7 consulting service help to create a much needed connection between GMA, Ken Whittaker and Associates and the profession.

To contact Ken Whittaker and Associates please call 877.216.2708 and one of our courteous operators will connect you to Ken Whittaker or David Patterson.

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